We have a total of about 50 years of experience in the restaurant/kitchen area. We have also been working in different wilderness sector companies. A beloved hobby has become a job. We have been fly-fishing around northern Finland and Sweden and hunting birds in the mountains as well as in a boreal forest.

We have three German wirehaired pointers and very helpful family members. We are also specialized in fishing with nets and scooping up fish/fishing with a trident semi-professional for several years and at the same time have become familiar with our area waterways. With our long history in the kitchen industry, we have gained extensive partners, which, if necessary we can ask to accompany us on, for example, Husky tours here in Kuivaniemi or Meltaus, Rovaniemi. We may not have walls full of diplomas, but life has trained us, and we will be pleased to share what we have learned!

Best Regards,
Petri ja Pasi Alakiuttu