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  • Seal watching tour (photo-hunting)

     In late spring, when ice has been broken and its single pieces are strolling around the sea, seals to bask come to a land or rocking on ice floes. Lappish picturesque spring scenery, sea breathe and polar days are welcoming you on tour. Seals watching tour is for the whole day and it includes: guided tour on motorboat, food, necessary equipment. You shouldtake binoculars, camera and warm clothes.
    P.S. Up to your wish we can also extend tour by including night on island and continuing sailing within 1-3 days.
    Standard seals watching tour : 1 day
    Price:350€ 1-4 persons
    Price includes VAT.
  • Wilderness cooking course, aspects of the preparation of food in the wild!

    Wilderness cooking course, aspects of the preparation of food in the wild!

    Please feel free to contact us, two experienced cooks, so we will shape up your own cooking course in the arms of Mother Nature for you, your friends, or your company. We can fulfill the course either here, or wherever you are, it is easy and fun. You say what you want to cook, and from that, we will begin to shape up a package. Suitable for both large and small groups. Please contact us and we will agree on the price.

  • Fishing packages

    Fishing packages

    Scooping up whitefish focuses on the rise time at the fall, at Iijoki’s lower reaches, where it is possible to feel an unprecedented experience, respecting the old traditions. Scooping up fish takes place at nightfall. We can also go ice-fishing whitefish from a boat, in which case there is a possibility to catch the large sized perch and other fish in our area.

    We will prepare tasty snacks on the beach, of the fish we caught. Moving along the sea beaches and coves by boat as well as moving at the lake, we will be fishing with a trident in traditional ways, but with modern equipment. You can also take your bow with you for the predation. The most common prey fish are pike, whitefish and perch, occasionally large burbots. As winter arrives, we move to onto the ice to try nets, and to go ice-fishing for giant groupers. From January to March we will be ice-fishing for burbots at nightfall. All the packages can be customized or combined with other packages. Be sure to ask about our 2-day packages.

    Example price:

    4h package 1-3 people 165€ + alv. Ask for offers for bigger groups.

  • Wild duck and goose hunting

    Wild duck and goose hunting

    How the hunt will proceed

    You will arrive to a beforehand agreed location, where we will go through safety- and general hunting rules. After this we will proceed to the hunting area and begin the hunt. We will enjoy a delicious field lunch in the woods, which will be made in the forest.

    After lunch we will continue hunting, and if you wish, we can try “jumping” wild ducks by boat as well as by foot. At nightfall we will enjoy coffee and a small snack around the campfire, and after that we will get ready for the night flight. After the night flight we will go back to the starting point.

    Example price:

    Price for the service above: 1-4 people/1d 250€ + alv

    Bigger amounts according to our agreement.